We are happy to announce that Polestar, one of Sweden’s leading electric performance car brands, will be joining us at this year’s Cygni Tech Summit (CTS).

The Cygni Tech Summit, scheduled for November 10th, is all about "Digital Sustainability." We have an exciting lineup of tech workshops, speakers, and upskilling in store, and two of our guest keynote speakers are Ylva Bruzelius and Mikael Vesavuori from Polestar.

Polestar's Commitment to Sustainability

Beyond being a valued client of ours, they share our commitment to prioritize sustainability. With a dedicated Sustainability Team driving sustainable development throughout their organization, Polestar is a true inspiration. For instance, Polestar has set an ambitious goal to create a completely climate-neutral car by 2030, known as the Polestar 0 project. This aligns perfectly with our theme of Digital Sustainability at CTS.


Meet Our Keynote Speakers: Ylva Bruzelius and Mikael Vesavuori

Ylva Bruzelius, the Digital Sustainability Lead at Polestar, is all set to inspire Cygni and Accenture participants during CTS. Ylva will discuss the importance of data and transparency to succeed with sustainability.

"In order to meet our sustainability targets they need to be measurable. And for something to be measurable, we need data, and that's why transparency is key. At Polestar Digital, we provide systems, insights, and data in order for both Polestar employees and customers to make informed data-driven decisions. " - Ylva Bruzelius.

Joining Ylva on stage is Mikael Vesavuori, the Technical Standards Lead at Polestar Digital. Mikael will help us navigate the complex world of sustainable software systems. He will share how to concretely locate and address issues in sustainable software systems and introduce the audience to the “green software engineering principles”.

With Polestar’s Ylva and Mikael as two of our keynote speakers, we can expect an inspiring and enlightening experience at CTS 2023!

About Polestar

Polestar is a Swedish electric performance car brand determined to improve society by using design and technology to accelerate the shift to sustainable mobility. Headquartered in Gothenburg, Sweden, its cars are available online in 27 markets globally across North America, Europe and Asia Pacific.
Polestar plans to have a line-up of five performance EVs by 2026. Polestar 2, the electric performance fastback, launched in 2019. Polestar 3, the SUV for the electric age, launched in late 2022. Polestar 4, the SUV coupé transformed, is launching in phases through 2023 and into 2024. Polestar 5, an electric four-door GT and Polestar 6, an electric roadster, are coming soon.