Mark your calendars for November 10th, the date of this year's Cygni Tech Summit!

As we get ready for this year's much-awaited CTS, we had the opportunity to sit down and have a chat with Heidi Sønnichsen and Emil Breding to discuss what we can expect from the conference this year.

But first things first, what is CTS?

Cygni Tech Summit is Cygni’s annual autumn conference, revolving around the latest technology and upskilling. Participants can expect guest speakers, workshops, and panel discussions on various topics, providing an opportunity to really go beneath the surface of their chosen trail.
At Cygni, we highly value our employees' individual upskilling, and the CTS conference helps us learn, grow, and stay updated by learning new skills and keeping up with the latest trends.

emil och heidi

Hello, Heidi and Emil! Can you elaborate on the theme for this year's CTS?

Heidi: The theme for this year’s CTS is Digital Sustainability. We feel that we have a responsibility to set this topic high on the agenda. In short, our goal is to raise awareness among our developers about the significance of sustainable practices related to their work.

Emil: By prioritizing digital sustainability, we stay ahead of the game. It gives us a competitive edge and enhances our reputation, attracting clients who share our commitment to eco-conscious practices. However, it's not just about clients; it's about our team too. Digital Sustainability fosters a work culture that aligns with our employees' values, creating a sense of purpose and motivation.

What can the participants expect this year?

Heidi: This year, we're introducing a new format that I'm truly excited about! We will have engaging panel discussions and a deeper dive into participants' chosen topics with workshops and hands-on learning. The event is digital and broadcast to five different locations: Malmö, Umeå, Gothenburg, Linköping and Stockholm.

Emil: The trails for this year's CTS include UX, Communication, Security, AI/ML, and Embedded, with digital sustainability at its core.

Can you share some insights into the preparations for CTS?

Heidi: Behind the scenes, there is more work than one might think. We leave no stone unturned when it comes to planning for live events. We have a plan a,b and c for every part of the conference. For example there are backups for everything. From extra computers, internet access and the possibility of someone being unable to attend.

We need to consider various scenarios, such as the possibility of someone falling ill, potential issues with embedded hardware, managing lead times during live workshops with large amounts of data, and even determining the number of backup batteries required for the microphones on the event day. With multiple locations, we strive for consistent quality and prioritize sustainability in selecting venues, which adds an extra layer of complexity.

What are your hopes for CTS 2023?

Emil: I hope to inspire colleagues to consider digital sustainability and encourage clients to do the same. Cygni will also provide concrete examples of implementing, measuring, and monitoring digital sustainability. After the conference there will be educational material to share principles and knowledge with our clients, which means that we’ll be able to use the knowledge we gathered during the event also in the future. The main focus of the conference is participating in chosen trails, where I am confident everyone will learn new and interesting things!

What lies ahead as CTS draws closer?

Heidi: Now there are tons of deadlines, and all the really hard work starts. I hope we manage to keep up enthusiasm amongst all our colleagues by communicating clearly all the details that are settled so far and spreading the word of what they can expect from this year's CTS. Now, it’s all about the details, wrapping everything up and ensuring that plan a, b and c are in place!

Emil: I’m really looking forward to the best part: the actual day of the conference. All the hard work comes together smoothly(!) during a day of fun and learning together.