Missa inte Waterfall 2006 som går 2006-04-01 och är ett måste för seriösa utvecklare!

Programmet är imponerande, och jag ser framför allt fram emot att delta i de här sessionerna:

  • Pair Managing: Two Managers per Programmer by Jim Highsmith
  • wordUnit: A Document Testing Framework by Kent Beck. Citat: ”WordUnit tests are written as documents, simplifying the introduction of document testing. Writing WordUnit tests in advance of writing documents, also known as Document-Driven Documentation, is a further refinement that leads to even greater efficiency and productivity.”
  • Introduction to Dogmatic Programming by Andy Hunt and Dave Thomas. Citat: ”Andy Hunt and Dave Thomas fill this 12-hour session with solid advice that clearly worked once for somebody. And since it worked once, it can work again for you and your team, this time and every time.”

Nördhumor när den är som bäst!